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    The privacy policy is restrictive to Design e More, S.A., respecting all legal requirements. Design e More, S.A. undertakes not to dispose customer data to third parties.
    Information’s that customers decide to share with are used solely for the performance of its business: sending discount coupons, newsletter with news and promotions, among others.
    The computerized processing of data gathered is done in compliance with laws on data protection and the same is for the sending of parcels, their administrative support, statistics and future presentation of new proposals by the Design e More, S.A.
    It is guaranteed to the customer, according to law, the right to access and rectify any data concerning him contained in the database, addressing:
    - by E-mail:
    - by courier: Design e More, S.A., Rua das Casas Queimadas, nº567, 4415-439 Grijó, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
    - by telephone: +351 227 470 618 
    On the Internet, despite being taken by us all precautions for the protection of data from our users, the Design e More, S.A. shall not be liable for its misuse by unauthorized third parties.
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