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If it’s authentic, then it will be forever.

Known in the world of footwear as “Fisherman Sandals”,
they are one of the most transverse iconic styles across many cultures along the centuries.

Inspired in the footwear designs that marked history, we searched for a summer model as classic and genuine as our ASCOT Chelsea boot.

We wanted to immortalize in plastic a summer history, a sandal that walked with us during our childhood, and give it an urban, fun and colourful touch, a Lemon Jelly touch.

Perfect for a walk by the beach or a laid-back afternoon spent by the pool, these jelly sandals can also be the perfect pair on a party summer night.

We couldn’t resist giving comfort a relaxed and casual touch, and the result couldn’t be cooler.
And of course, waterfriendly!

And so our timeless family, in plastic and with lemon scent, gained a new icon. Crystal fisherman sandals:
your steps through the summer days.