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Top quality raw materials; Good working conditions; Quality control; European standards; Portuguese love – this is what means 100% designed, developed and produced in Portugal.


From the wettest days between pools of water to the hottest summers spent by the pool, you will not find better companions than your Lemon Jelly.


Every day we give our best for your comfort. We insist on the lining’s quality, the flexibility of the materials, the properties of the insoles, and we pay attention to every detail to ensure that you walk ... on clouds.


Innovative finishings, new assembly techniques, humidity control and temperature stabilization.
We push ourselves every day to find solutions to life’s everyday problems and ensure that we always give you the best products.


Lemon Jelly models are developed with raw materials that meet the European REACH standards for environmental and health protection, ensuring that you can have all the fun in complete safety.


Although we use the highest technology and innovation to produce our Jelly's, we rely on the watchful eye of more than 350 people who give full attention to the details. It's precisely details like this that make them so special!


Why make them just beautiful when you can make them unforgettable? The incorporation of the sweet lemon fragrance in the material gives your Lemon Jelly a wonderful and fresh scent.