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Vegan Shoes - Lemon Jelly PETA-APPROVED Brand
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  • Care and Cleaning

    To keep this flock untouchable, gently wipe the model with a soft bristle brush.
    Stay soft!
    Do not use aggressive detergents or corrosive cleansers, and keep your model in the original box, protected from the direct contact with other footwear, avoiding stains or colour transfers.

  • Origin, Materials & Details
    • Velvet touch
    • Wedge with around 5cm height
    • Wedge slide in EVA, compliant with REACH european health and environmental standards
    • Insole in EVA with 7 mm
    • Brand logo laser engraved on the insole
    • Made in Portugal
  • Frequently asked questions
    • Are the insoles removable?

      Yes, the insoles are removable. However, this model can't be used without an insole.

    • How should I care for my insoles?

      We do not advise any kind of cleaning methods since the insoles can lose some features, such as their vibrant colour. We also advise keeping them away from heat sources, such as direct sun exposure.

    • Do the slides have a lemon scent?

      All the styles produced in EVA, such as this one, don't have a lemon scent.

  • VELANIE 04
  • VELANIE 04
  • VELANIE 04
  • VELANIE 04
  • VELANIE 04
  • VELANIE 04

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