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  • What are the shipping costs?
    The shipping costs depend on the destination address.
    The amount of shipping costs is automatically calculated in the shopping cart, according to the country of delivery and the intended delivery time selected (when available).
    During campaign periods, Lemon Jelly reserves the right to change the shipping, exchange, and return conditions. All costs will be presented in the respective order/return processes.
    Depending on the country of destination, namely non-EU countries, there may be additional charges for transport, delivery, customs clearance, or others, which cannot be previously calculated by Lemon Jelly due to different customs policies and import fees in each country. All customs and import duties will be supported by the customers.
  • Will I have to pay customs duties and import taxes?

    Yes, all customs and import duties will be supported by the customers. Due to the different custom policies and import taxes, Lemon Jelly has no control over any costs which may be applied at the time of the arrival of a shipment to the country of destination, it is not possible to predict the exact value of these taxes. All customs and import duties will be suported by the customers.

    If you have any questions, you should contact the local customs before making your order to obtain information about customs costs and their applicability.

  • Where can I receive my order?

    You can receive your order at an address of your preference (home, workplace, home of a family member, etc), anywhere in the world. 

    Each time more often our clients select their workplace as the preferential address to receive their orders. It’s the best way to ensure that will always be someone present to receive your Lemon Jelly.
  • Can I change my shipping address after the dispatch of the order?

    For orders made in Portugal Mainland, it is only possible to change the delivery address into a pick-up point.

    For orders made in Portugal Islands and other countries, it is not possible to change the delivery address after the shipment of the order.

  • Can I cancel my order?
    Following EU rules "If you have bought a product or service online or outside a shop (by phone, mail order, home seller), you also have the right to cancel and return your order within 14 days, for any reason and without justification."

    For orders cancelations within this period, please contact us at

    You will receive the amount via the same payment method used in your purchase within an estimated period of 10 working days (depending on the bank).

  • The shipping address may be different from the billing address?

    Yes, you can set this information during the checkout. 

    Remember that the shipping costs will depend on the country of destination and not the billing country. 

  • How can I track my order status?

    Once the order is shipped, you will receive an e-mail with a reference, so you can monitor the status of the shipment on the website of the carrier.

    You can also track the status of your order in your customer area, in the section "Orders" and in the "My Order Status" page.

  • I was not at the delivery address on the delivery date, what should I do?

    If the order recipient is absent, the carrier will try a new delivery on another date.

    If the carrier isn't able to deliver the order on the second attempt, you can request a new delivery against payment.

    For more information, please contact our customer support through the email or the phone number +351 964 700 246.

  • My order has still not arrived. What should I do?

    Deliveries made with TNT

    To ensure the delivery of your order, someone should be present at the delivery address between 9:00 and 18:00 to receive the order. 

    If you have not received it within the given deadlines (working days) you should get in touch with us via email in order to arrange a new delivery at an address of your choice.

  • I need a gift receipt for my purchase. How do I do that?

    When your order appears as delivered in our system, a gift receipt will be available for every product of your order. You can find the gift receipt in your Customer account by clicking in the “Orders” area and then on the order that contains the product(s) you want to offer.

    The gift receipt includes the order number, the last day to request a return, product information (without price) and a link from which a return can be requested. It is mandatory to be registered and logged in to our online store to make the return request.

    Refunds by the same method of payment are reserved for the purchaser. The recipient of the gift can only be refunded by voucher.

    In case you already received your order, but the gift receipt isn’t available yet, please get in touch with our Customer Support via chat, phone or email (

  • What are the return costs?

    In the case of the customer exercising his right of free termination of the contract, proceeding with the return of the purchase, the return costs is responsibility of the customer. For more information, please contact our customer support through our email

    In the case of returns motivated by defects, wrong shipment of the pair, or other reasons unrelated to the customer, the return of the pair from the country fo delivey will be at the expense of the company.

  • What is the deadline to make a return?
    All exchanges must be requested in the client's account within 14 days from the date of confirmation of delivery. If you wish to make an exchange, you should return your article and place a new order.
  • What are the conditions for the return of an item?

    Lemon Jelly has the right to refuse returns which are communicated or sent outside the deadline limit or products that are not in the same conditions in which they were sent. 

    All items returned shall be submitted in the original packaging, under the same conditions in which they were sent together with a copy of the invoice. 

    Requirements to be fulfilled in case of a return:

    • The products may not have been washed or used. (for a product to be considered non-used, it can't present any marks of use, so it can be resold to other customers with the condition of "new");
    • The products must be complete (return of the pair along with accessories, if applicable).
  • How should I proceed to make a return?

    To make an online return of an order, you must:

    • Log on;
    • Go to the section "Orders";
    • Select the respective order;
    • Click on Return and follow the steps indicated.


    You should send your order to the address below:

    Design e More, SA
    Rua das Casas Queimadas, nº 567
    4415-439 Grijó

  • What should I do if I receive an article that is incorrect or defective?

    Please send an email to our customer service department, via, including the following information:

    • The number of your order;
    • The model name which you have incorrectly received or was defective (ex.: COMFY 01);
    • A photograph of the item, to help us understand what could have happened.

  • When will I get a refund?

    You will receive the amount via the same payment method used in your purchase within an estimated period of 10 working days (depending on the bank) after we have received your order in our warehouse. 

    During specific times of the year, such as Black Friday and Sales, your refund may take longer than 10 working days.

    If you return your order to our warehouse without placing a return or exchange request in your account, we'll make the refund by voucher code that you'll receive by account.

  • I returned my order to the warehouse without making a request on my account. What happens now?

    The refund or exchange of your order will not take place unless there is a return or exchange request associated with your order.
    For that, you should log into your account, access the "Orders" page, select the appropriate order and, at the end of the page, click "Return/Exchange" and fill in the information.
    If you hadn't registered when you placed your order, you can access the "Follow My Order" and fill in the necessary information to initiate your exchange or return request.
    Once your order arrives at our warehouse, our Customer Support will contact you by email requesting you to place an exchange/return request in your account. If we don't hear back from you in two business days, we will issue a payment voucher by email.

  • Can I make a purchase in USA?

    It's possible to buy Lemon Jelly in USA through the website

  • If I make a return, what amount of my purchase will be refunded?

    In case you return your order, the amount paid for the item(s) will be refunded.

    Shipping costs will be refunded if the shipment was made using the standard shipping method(s) available (the least expensive). If you have chosen a shipping method different from the standard method available, the shipping cost will not be refunded.

    In the case of partial returns with standard shipping methods, a partial refund of the shipping costs will be applied.

    Calculation formula: Difference between the Total Amount Paid for Shipping and the Applicable Shipping Value for the number of items kept by the customer.

    Example: The standard shipping method costs €5 for 1 pair, €8 for 2 pairs and €11 for 3 pairs. In the case of an order with 3 pairs, for which 1 pair is returned, the amount of €3 will be refunded.

  • Are there special return conditions for product packs?
    All products that are returned must be in the original packaging and must be returned together with all the accessories and any bundled promotion items provided together with the products. These accessories and bundled promotion items are only provided under the condition that you keep the products. To receive your full refund, we recommend you return the accessories and bundled promotion items in their entirety.

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